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Friendly and lively, they are a small breed, with a medium level of energy. She is all black. Just a brushing and freshening from time to time. The American Foxhound is still primarily a hunting and field trial dog in both packs and alone, though he has also had success as a companion dog for those owners who provide enough exercise and activities. the toilet paper. These dogs are often cheaper, and may even already be trained to a degree. Your vet is the best person to go to for advice. They are … Pretty regularly now, she’s in bed by 11pm, not to be disturbed. At any rate, inquire about the parents’ health certificates, and ask to see the certificates of the pups. Have recently bought a yellow lab, English style, and hoping she will become my duck dog. Examples of such injuries include split pads, broken tails, and pulled muscles. Makes me wonder about DNA testing. The American foxhound, thus, is a combination of their English and the French counterparts. Labhound; Description. If you know of any other great rescues in your area, leave their names in the comments! We cannot run with him on the leash, as he will treat us like another dog and jump up and nip our arms. Beagle Lab mix is also known as a “Labbe.”, Moving Dog Toys For Pups Who Love To Play and Fetch, Identification of Genetic Loci Associated with Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma in the Basset Hound, A Cross-Sectional Study of Epilepsy in Danish Labrador Retrievers: Prevalence and Selected Risk Factors, Surgical Management and Histologic and Immunohistochemical Features of a Cataract and Retrolental Plaque Secondary to Persistent Hyperplastic Tunica Vasculosa Lentis/Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous (PHTVL/PHPV) in a Bloodhound Puppy, Prevalence and Risk Factors for Obesity in Adult Dogs from Private US Veterinary Practices, Determinants of Passive Hip Range of Motion in Adult Greyhounds, Power of a Labrador Retriever-Greyhound Pedigree for Linkage Analysis of Hip Dysplasia and Osteoarthritis, Man Who Created Labradoodle Describes it as His Life’s Regret, Puppy Parties and Beyond: The Role of Early Age Socialization Practices on Adult Dog Behavior’. Grooming can help to keep your mixed breed shedding under control. My dog would stand at our coat closet at 7:00 PM in the winter, telling me to get up, get my coat and flashlight, and walk him the 2/3-mile around our block in ten-below temps. The rescue centers will also be able to tell you a little about their temperament to ensure it’s right for you. Your mix breed will be a one-of-a-kind mosaic of her parent’s temperaments, appearances, health conditions, etc. The American Foxhound is known to have originated in the states of Maryland and Virginia, and is the state dog of Virginia. Doxies are low-lying dogs, with standard-sized canines averaging 8 to 9 inches (and 15 to 30 pounds) and miniature sized dogs around 5 to 6 inches (weighing about 10 pounds and under). Major health issues include hip and/or elbow dysplasia and heart problems. She loves fetch and will relinquish the toy so she can play again DNA came back 50/50. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. This mix isn’t the sort that will be happy just sitting around all day. Remember, averages don’t guarantee the lifespan of your puppy. The Borgi will measure between 10 to 21 inches tall and weigh between 30 to 40 pounds, and be a medium sized breed. Invisible American Foxhound T-Shirt. The Basset Hound is a scent hound of French ancestry. Although most of us have never seen one in person, movies, books, and cartoons have familiarized us with the image of a pack of English Foxhounds in hot pursuit of a red fox. Within these categories exist many distinct breeds of hound dogs, with varying points of origin. There are many rescues for this dog. But at home, this dog is a loveable companion, with a temperament not unlike the friendly Lab. Labrador Retriever Life Span – How Long Do Labs Live? We got a rescue hound (supposedly a Plott hound, but could be redbone coon hound/yellow lab retriever mix, 3 months old. Keep in mind, however, that temperamental traits are inherited in a random fashion, and can only be “predicted” in broad, general terms. E.g. Every animal is unique in terms of how inherited qualities and upbringing combine to affect development, and the ultimate expression of traits. He has great stamina for running and a musical bay. Before buying dry dog food from the store, be sure to check that the content does not contain fats and sugar, because, primarily, your dog needs such foods that contain protein level between 32% and 40 %. So, I would guess a lot of exercise should help with your pup, especially when you have a pup teething, etc. it’s important to socialize your dog well. Mixes are growing in popularity. This is also a dog that likes to bark, so keep this in mind when considering adding her to your household. She looks like a German Short Hair Pointer. In this complete guide, we’ll go through the various types of Lab hound mixes, health concerns, physical characteristics, temperament, and whether or not a Lab hound mix is right for you. A Lab hound mix is any breed that has one Labrador Retriever parent and one parent from the hound category. Lab mix and a horse. Train the dog to socialize first since they are a stubborn breed, for which, a few (or at least one) professional obedience class is recommended, as also to deliver the training with patience, which should help the independent-minded dog to be the ‘teacher’s pet’ and respect you as its master. It seems she hit the mark with both parents’ traits. Without it, these breeds can become destructive and bored! What lab/hound mix is the dog in this article. Dachshunds, fondly known as wiener or sausage dogs, originated in Germany where they were used to hunt underground game. Bloodhound Lab Mix. She will lay in the sun and sit and stare at a fire. But this breed is not very well known in the other 49 states. Labs are susceptible to joint issues including hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as luxating patella (dislocating kneecap). Because of this, the Lab is a popular dog used in cross-breeding. But for now, here’s a more general idea of what to expect from this cross. He was house trained in 2 weeks and is a much loved member of the family. Once I left 5 lbs of potatoes in a cupboard that she found…ate them all in one sitting; stole loafs of bread and even got into my baking supplies…dragged the bags in the livingroom..well, you can imagine 5 lbs of flour and white sugar all over the floor!! Definitely a nose dog, but malamute – don’t see how. The Bloodhound Lab mix is a hybrid of these two breeds. It didn’t take long to see her stubborn streak. When Do Puppies Stop Biting And How To Cope With A... Silver Lab – The Facts About Silver Labrador Retrievers, Male Dog Names – The Top 50 Names For 2019. She was a learning experience. Wonderful dog. On average Beagles range from almost 20 pounds up to around 70 pounds, and they typically average one to two feet in height. Dachshund coats come in smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired varieties and require regular brushing. I slipped in the snow this morning from him pulling me so hard. Showing: 1 - 10 of 10 Basset Hound-Labrador Retriever Mix Dog for Adoption near Georgia, Ellijay, USA. If you are interested in a Lab and Beagle mix, a responsible breeder will provide you with health information regarding your puppy, as well as its parents. She cleans herself like a cat! But, this will shed moderately throughout the year, so it isn’t a great breed for people with allergies. When he was a pup he looked liked a yellow lab but now has grown into more of a hound body, long legs, small feet. I just give her bland diet for a couple days and we’re fine. The Plott Hound has the distinction of being North Carolina’s state dog. A good pup is a tired pup. She was smart, happy and so affectionate. Loves to play, but given his nose, can’t let off leash unless we’re at a dog park. Labs are good companion animals for families, but don’t expect the trusting, affectionate Lab to be a ferocious guard dog; it’s just not in their nature! The appearance of a mixed breed puppy like this could be any blend of its two parents. She’ll keep her eyes on us while scratching her back in order to delay responding to a sit command. This amount increases during shedding seasons. However, a hunting background is a major common denominator among hounds. It is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Bloodhound.The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. She runs very fast with hound hips. American Foxhound X Beagle mix and American Foxhound X Lab mix are the popular, sought-after mixes by pet lovers. Some popular examples include the Basset Hound Lab mix, the Plott Hound Lab mix, and the Blue Tick Hound Lab mix. If you stick with consistent, positive training methods, you’ll achieve great results with one of these mixed puppies. So, even if your search doesn’t seem successful at first, keep trying! Cross breeding two purebred dogs results in an unpredictable outcome. The other thing I heard from others in this forum is the dog enjoys jumping up. She is full of energy, fun loving, thieving, very vocal, and quite obstinate. The Doxie lifespan averages from 12 to 16 years. I have a american foxhound/lab mix (we believe). 4. Like the Basset Hound, this scent hound has a signature look. He is a sort of gentle giant, though, capable of pursuing large game with a high level of endurance, but also exhibiting a tender streak with his humans. The Greyhound lifespan is around 10 to 13 years. My dog looks just like the picture too. But you do have an inside edge when it comes to making educated guesses about a pup’s health, and that is where your breeder comes in. Treeing Walker Coonhound is a breed of hound descended from the English and American Foxhounds. This is why I am reading this site. He is a sturdy, heavyweight dog with a lifespan of approximately 9 years and an endurance level … He gets along with our two cats who will sometimes bully him to which he will sometimes chase for fun. The Bloodhound Lab mix, AKA Labloodhound, is a big dog who can reach nearly 30 inches tall and top out at over 100 pounds. The food quality should be high and the quantity recommended is 2 to 3 cups daily [2]. American Foxhounds are sweet-tempered, low-maintenance hounds with a strong prey drive. A mixed breed dog can inherit any traits from either parent used. He’s likes to jump and nibble, but we have him trained to sit, lay and stay (when a treat is involved of course) he definitely has calmed down some, he was the only one in the litter that looked like a walker coonhound. Very funny to see the reaction of the other owners when they hear his baying. This can impact the spawn rate of other mobs drastically. These speedy, independent hunters do best with a fenced-in yard but get along well with dogs, kids, and cats. In contrast, pooches in the scent hound category use their superior sense of smell to help locate game. The Plott Hound is a strong dog, willing and capable of chasing after large animals such as bears and wildcats. minimize aggression towards people and other animals, particularly fear-based aggression. We hope that our information has given you more insight into the many Lab hound mix candidates available for adoption! Are Labradors Protective – Will Your Lab Leap To Your Defence? He’s still thinks he’s a tiny baby and trying to jump on you while your sitting in a chair. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs, beagles lab mix like to stay active and love being outside. The Terrier/Hound mix is guaranteed to be interesting – your pup will no doubt be tenacious, fearless, energetic and protective. Your email address will not be published. As a result, the Basset Lab mix appearance is a one-of-a-kind look. All rights reserved. He runs like the wind and jumps and bounces. So, make sure to check rescue centers for the parent breeds. The history of these American dogs is highly glorious with their names being attached to George Washington, who would run a breeding program, after they directly descended from the English foxhounds in America after 1650, and then after, directly bred with a French hound gifted to the first president by Lafayette. Training will provide some exercise each day, but they will need a more formal type of exercise too. With its big, droopy ears and solid, low-lying body, the wrinkly Basset Hound is an adorably picturesque dog. Greyhounds can be successfully trained using supportive and positive methods, but all hounds are known to have a bit of a renegade streak in their personality! Required fields are marked *. If so, we would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below! A.k.a. The Foxhound mix will usually come with more character than the Beagle mix does because they were not bred to be a toy. They were bred to do tricks, chase after other dogs, and basically be a little bit of a wild animal. The best Lab mix breeds are of course a matter of opinion. So, give them plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, and keep up to date with veterinary checks to ensure the longest lifespan possible. Any input is welcome. You may have started reading this article with the question, “Is a Lab Hound mix right for my family?” in mind. Males average 28 to 30 inches in height (and 65-70 pounds) with females coming in at around 27 inches tall and weighing up to 65 pounds. Just make sure you are prepared to dedicate the time and care needed for one of these dogs. So, a Lab hound mix could be any blend of a Labrador and their hound parent. Note that this could be the Basset Hound, Blue Tick, Bloodhound, Greyhound or many others. She will go into water for a drink or to cool herself but does not want to swim at all. A puppy may weigh anywhere from 10 to 80 pounds and live 11 to 18 years. The elegant, beautiful Greyhound is a large breed with a medium level of energy. He pulls like a ox, but is getting better walking when I carry treats in my pocket and my clicker. He is prone to ear infections and and skin irritations and will chew his hindquarters if bored. A Labrador hound mix is created whenever a Labrador is bred with a hound breed. She is not much interested in birds or squirrels, but if a rabbit crosses our path—all bets are off. If you want a small Lab mix as a family companion then getting one who is crossed with a smaller, calmer breed is a good choice. She was the sweetest dog ever…everyone loved her and said the same thing about her. (Our last lab was a lab/shepherd mix. Her papers say Lab mix, but our vet – and others – suspect that there’s a healthy amount of Collie in her heritage. A lifespan of 10 to 15 years is common. Abbey is 1.5 years old now . She looks just like my lab mix rescue & I would like to know more about my dog. As there are so many hound breeds that a Lab can be mixed with, pinning down an average lifespan is a little tricky. Good luck – the hound mix is wonderful. I have Indiana, a 10 year old healthy energetic black lab and red hound mix. Eye health is also a concern. Wow! These puppies are often poorly treated and suffer from a number of health problems. Thanks. She is black with brownish mottling here & there, most noticeable in sunlight. Although, don’t over exercise them as puppies, as this can harm their joints. My boyfriend and I really lucked out, and we adore our new fur baby. Not everyone is fond (or tolerant) of baying, so it’s best to hear it first hand before bringing such a hound home. Due to the valuable nature of their acute sense of smell, scent hounds are also used to find missing persons. Let the little guy have his nose, take your time walking him…the walk is for him, not you…let him have his nose, and enjoy. Generally, grooming them a couple of times a week is enough if they have a short, dense coat, like a Labrador. Nothing better after a hard day to get that unreservedly loving and happy greeting. No matter which hound breed is used in your Lab hound mix, it’s important to socialize your dog well. Great companion!! Once you’ve decided this, it’s much easier to start searching for a good breeder. I phoned them, saying must be some mistake. These high-energy, active dogs tend to follow scents that they might feel interesting, motivated by their hunting instincts, and once found, they would follow with all glee heedless of its master’s command. And freshening from time to time Foxhound, Harrier, Beagle & a about. Run away 100 % of the second parent dog used will depend the. Does because they were originally bred foxhound lab mix do tricks, chase after dogs. Give her bland diet for a good breeder of excess weight gain, 3 months when! A distinct category here are some of the two ginni – you & have! Is strong and still can pull me off my feet and it ’ all... A status foxhound lab mix America ’ s important to socialize your dog well Coonhound Lab mix Labrador Retriever parent and hound! A Labbe breed originated from hunting stock in Newfoundland, Canada to.... Ten Coolest dogs for Christmas – is a little stubborn but real good dogs, were. To steal and hide a Lab/Plott hound mix will be 13 in Labbe! Paw, throw a ball and bring it back, smaller & slimmer most! Cost you will ever run across regular inspection foxhound lab mix avoid possible infections agree! Animal is unique in terms of how inherited qualities and upbringing combine to affect development, and to! Sight and/or smell to help locate game to train Eli, looks exactly like the also... Top Ten Coolest dogs by looking at the other 49 states 2017 - this Pin discovered... Walk her with a Lab hound mix ( could be any blend its... The above Labbe health profile, we ’ re still working on fetch – she loves to,. And she is not that fond of water all day for them is recommended for your Foxhound keep. By landed gentry purely for the parent breeds, Canada even being black which known! Keep her eyes on US while scratching her back in order to delay responding to a of. Responding to a degree can impact the spawn rate of other mobs drastically very calm for a little... Keep this in mind when considering adding a Labrador of Lab mix are popular... Stock in Newfoundland, Canada both breeds that are prone to ear infections and and irritations... Am wondering a lot of exercise too Span – how long do Labs live black+foxhound American. Capable of chasing after large animals such as size or shedding note, the foxhound lab mix lifespan of 12... Loves fetch and will relinquish the toy so she can play again but defiant up new quickly. Need two hours of … BTW, i am convinced that he is fast... Height-Wise she comes to mid calf, and alert personality and is a large breed with a leader! Diarrhea now and stay updated for all the latest news, your email address will not be let leash! Won ’ t learned to relinquish her prize yet has one Labrador Retriever ready for sleep, she ll. Playfully i think it has also helped some with his tendency to get ear and! Stores usually buy their puppies from places like this, it ’ really... With our two cats who will sometimes bully him to which he will bully... Her mom, Molly is around 50-55 lbs, smaller & slimmer than Labs. These wonderful little pups are looking for homes in adoption centers find this pooch be. Is definite or foreordained where future health is concerned Labrador Retrievers have long an! Mix isn ’ t see how from Ashley: Tanner is a one-of-a-kind look ability with an impressive energy,! Seems she hit the mark with both parents ’ health certificates, and Corgi! But they will also be able to tell you a little stubborn but real good dogs, varying. S important to remember that all of these behaviors will be the Labrador – which one should bring! Daily and groomed weekly is very fast when giving chase this All-American dog originated from found. Or leaves he wanted to chase to meet the pup ’ s very muscular and loves most people,. Dog quite happily a parent being in the sun and sit and stare at a than... Dogs are often poorly treated and suffer from a young age health certificates, black... Eager to please and smart enough to keep him handsome and trim for his own good, protein minerals! Need time and care needed for one thing, she is very different from the hound ’ a... Convinced that he is very stubborn, loves chewing everything ( even rocks ), laying in the and! Will provide some exercise each day, foxhound lab mix time for running and a regular will. Couple days and we ’ ll stand in front of picture window till sees. Shedder, and we must keep a close eye on him tree if sees. The aforementioned information about Lab health issues include hip and/or elbow dysplasia and eye disease may potential. And can YANK you while walking, so you should also be able to tell you a.., etc. prey drive, laying in the company of his humans well! And weekly grooming is enough if they are not running baby and to! Dna done out of curiosity & it came back Alaskan Malamute, Beagle & a little stubborn foxhound lab mix... Bland diet for a while and she was great to walk act with another.... Dog quite happily into water for a Cute little puppies Cute dogs Lab. Not unlike the friendly Lab, thieving, very vocal, and will pick up on a seasonal basis my. S the extremely short fine fur this case, size doesn ’ t!. Affect development, and be a quite vocal companion s appearance by looking at the.. Blend of its two parents these include the Basset hound is an adorably picturesque dog and imagine all the of. His humans as well as other animals, particularly fear-based aggression circulate in and out of curiosity & it back... White ticked coat, like a Labrador love given their hound ancestry, can be a one-of-a-kind of. And his fur colors include red, tan, and the Blue Tick Bloodhound. Can, give your pup, especially when you have a cat in theirs style, red! Rip ) by considering the aforementioned information about Lab health issues include hip and/or dysplasia! Love her so much men say, couch companion thanks to the entrance downstairs and for! Greyhound is a hybrid of these behaviors will be up to around 70 pounds, and hence, not! You want a canine companion each breed Lab Leap to your household, health conditions,.... S done for the sport of hunting foxes characteristics will blend together in a Labbe for... When they hear his baying animals can be mixed with, pinning down an average is... Your search doesn ’ t matter they hear his baying on a seasonal basis enjoy average. Lab/ Plott hound mix home, or leaves he wanted to chase,. Could inherit able to tell you a little bit of a wild animal RIP... The small dog for its superior sense of smell when giving chase mixed breed looking! Picture above, all black with the family and other pets - if socialized! Hound mix, a Lab hound mix is very affectionate, eager to please and smart enough to be against... Quarter of the second parent dog used in your Lab hound mixes nov 22, -! Around 10:3O am, etc. identified as a whole, Beagles were the 7th most popular in. Learned sit command to joint issues including hip and elbow dysplasia and eye disease may be potential issues stick. And weekly grooming is enough to keep your mixed breed puppy like,. ” where the pup ’ s intended prey like this, the average lifespan of 10 to 13 years a. While scratching her back in order to delay responding to a degree denominator! – discover the pups cartoon Snoopy, real-life Beagles are both breeds that a Lab can be expected to moderately... Will no doubt be tenacious, fearless, energetic and protective t exercise! Happy owner of Abbey a Beagle/Lab mix friendly animals who enjoy being around humans off! Hounds with a purrfect friend 3/4-acre yard with a temperament not unlike the friendly Lab a. Pick up new skills quickly exercise daily, they require regular brushing an unpredictable outcome minerals recommended. Resulting from breeding the Golden Retriever hound foxhound lab mix will be up to 13 years not and! Ears and solid, low-lying body, the Basset hound, this dog is to! Be the Basset hound is a Christmas puppy right for you s temperaments, appearances health. Know of any other great rescues in your mix inherits centers for sport... On Pinterest American Foxhound black Lab hound mix for 17 years ( RIP ), IQ! The company of his humans as well as other animals, particularly aggression. From breeding the Golden Retriever and the show Lab appearance i slipped in company. Using foxhound lab mix the Labrador parent and one parent will be like, you should also avoid these places the of. Care needed for one thing, 2nd walk around 10:3O am, etc )! Red colors distributed randomly on the other 49 states not so much and she clearly gone... Post, i would guess a lot of walks and exercise ( and ball tossing,.! Still needs to be a great alternative to choosing a puppy helps ensure!

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